About Working Principle  
  A1 How does a solar water heater work?  
  A2 Does a solar water heater freeze in winter?  
  A3 What to do with the existing water boiler?  
  A4 Does a solar water heater work in winter?  
  A5 Types of Solar Collectors  
    About Operation  
  B1 Is there any daily or periodical operation?  
  B2 What about maintenance?  
  B3 How long do GSE Solar products last?  
  B4 What to do when vacations?  
    About Installation  
  C1 Can the roof withstand the weight of a solar system?  
  C2 What about changing roof?  
  C3 Can it withstand the impact of wind, hail and snow storms?  
  C4 Where should the solar water heater be installed?  
    About Rebates and Incentives  
  D1 What rebates can a residential user enjoy?  
  D2 What incentives can businesses, public institutions and industrial facilities receive?  
  D3 Are GSE solar water heaters eligible for ecoENERGY program?  
  D4 How to get the incentives or the rebates?  
    about GSE ip-195  
  E1 What is the qualifications of GSE IP-195?  
  E2 The history of IP-195  
  E3 Why choose IP-195?  
  E4 How many persons can an unit of IP-195 used for?  
  E5 How long is IP-195 warrenty?  
  E6 Precaustions and tips on using IP-195  
  F1 Do we have enough sunlight to collect in Canada?  
  F2 What is the environmental aspect?  
  F3 How is the economy?  
  F4 Energy saving tips on solar water heating system ?  
  F5 What are the benefits of a solar water heater?