Globe Solar Integrated System
  GSe IP-195 Integrated Solar water heater      
  • GSE IP-195 Designed in Canada for Canadian conditions and had CSA certified, SRCC certified(pending) and Fraunhofer tested(Germany)
  • GSE IP-195 is an approved collector under Natural Resources Canada ecoenergy program and qualified for users to receive the incentives from the government.
  • High Efficiency, 94% efficiency for the evacuated tubes
  • Low Cost, The best priced solar water heater available in today's market
  • No Operational Costs, No pumps, no heat exchangers and no circulation losses
  • No Glycol, No Chemicals, Food grade water provided from the system
  • No Maintenance Required, High reliability, we set it, you forget it

The overall shape and frame structure are given below.

  The typical installations for a residential house are given below: