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"Interesting, it never froze once ... "



" Here is the hybrid system that I have installed for your interest.  It is working well despite the lack of sunshine this winter.  Interesting it never froze once, in this cold winter of 2009, as the controller took care of keeping the water moving on demand.  This did mean more circulating losses (70 W), as you mentioned when I bought it.  There is a heat tracing cable available as a back up should it freeze, but this was not necessary.  I will further modify it before next winter to have both the timer and the controller working in tandem for times when it is very cold and there is enough sun to keep the heater warm but not sufficient to start the pump. "

------ Brian, 55 McColl Drive, Welland, Ontario.
Solar Hot Water Heating
at 55 McColl Drive, Welland.
System Details:    
  • Solar Heaters - Globe Solar Energy Inc. IP-195 with integral 150 L storage tank, connected in parallel with a SP-20 unit.  Both units feed a Giant 152 ETE 184 L storage tank prior to feeding the existing gas fired 190 L hot water tank.  Supply and return ½ in. PEX lines double insulated with electric heat tracing run in case of freeze up.
  • Circulating Pump - Lacing UC-303-BT (30 Watt) c/w check valve. [7.5 L/min @ 5ft]
  • Controller – Delta Sol BS/3 with freeze protection and aqua stat function.  Back up 24 program timer.
  • 3 Way valve – ¾ in Belimo zone valve (normally closed).  Hard wired to the controller aqua stat relay
  • Excess Heat System – 5 ft Slant/Fin Baseboard heater rated at 2.37 MJ/hr.  Set to act as a space heater @ 70 deg C on the aquastat.