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  Success Story 2 ---- Single House
Dalewood Drive, Mississauga, Ontario is a short U-shaped street of about 30 single houses. Since 2005, GSE has installed solar domestic hot water systems for 2 houses. Encouraged by these users, 4 units were installed in 2006, 2 units in 2007. The number of users in this area will continue to increase, because the non-user neighbors have witnessed the success of the solar systems and more of them will join the club of house owners who are enjoying the benefits of solar energy. So far, over 20 units has been installed in that tiny area. We believe this successful story is duplicated, and solar products will come into houses street by street soon. There isn’t any promotion program in this area, the orders were completed purely based on free market economy theory.
Project Information
Completed Time:
  2005 - 2007  
  Dalewood Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada