Globe Solar Energy Inc.

Be Environmental While $aving
    GSE PVW-140 Solar Wind Lighting Systems  
  Type: GSE PVW-140  
  Solar Modules: 140W Monocrystalline  
  Wind Generating: 400W;Cut-in 3m/s;Cut-out 50m/s;Over-speed Protection  
  Lead-acid Free-maintenance Batteries: 2 x 12V 100Ah  
  Light Source:Electrodeless Discharge Lamp: More than 100,000 hours of service time;2500Lum  
  Light Power: 40W  
  Lamp Body: Galvanized steel  
  Height: 8 Meters  
  Working hours:

8 hours per day; Continuous work of 5 rainy days

  Operating temperature: -30C to 65C