Globe Solar Energy Inc.

Be Environmental While $aving
    Features of GSE IP-195 Solar Water Heating System  
  High Performance  
    With the cutting-edge vacuum-tube collecting technology, over 92% of sunshine energy is converted to thermal energy for heating. There is no circulation loss.  
  High Reliability  
    The system is simply working with the city water, with no pumps. The possible failures are eliminated to the least.  
  Low Cost  
    The lowest price of a solar water heating system in Canada, and payback as short as 5 years with governmental rebates.  
  No Glycol, No Chemicals!  
    Food grade water provided with the system, and no fire issues.  
  No Maintenance  
    No daily operations, no annual and periodical check-ups or maintenance is necessary. We set it, you forget it!  
  CSA Certified  
    The first CSA certified evacuated tube soalr water heating system in Canada..