Globe Solar Energy Inc.

Be Environmental While $aving
   Environmental while Winning Money! Why not!
  $600 for you!

On average basis, one solar water heater can save around 1,000m3 of natural gas or equivalent energy in other forms. Based on the current energy price, the amount of energy saving is equal to more than $600!
Based on the current energy price, one solar water heater for a family can save more than $600 on energy cost for the user in one year!
  4Y only Capital Recovery Cycle!  
  Every family can afford our price. Your investment pay-back cycle could be as short as within 4 years!  
  1,000m3 natural gas for our future generations!  
In southern Ontario, one solar water heater for a family can save about 1,000m3 natural gas (if gas water heater is used) (or equivalent amount in other energy forms) in one year. This amount of none-regenerative energy could be reserved for our future generations.
  2.2T green-house gas reduction for our earth!  
One solar water heater for a family can reduce 2.2 tons of green-house gas emissions in one year for our environment.

Ontario has 2.5 million homes and this will rise to 3.8 million by 2025

500,000 systems least market potential now � 1 out of 5 homes

Canada was once in the leading position to use solar energy before 1980s. At that time both the yearly manufacturing volume and the installation area were ranked among the group of leading countries. Then abruptly in the beginning of 1980s, because of the inverse energy crisis � energy prices dropped too low, both the folks and the governments stopped solar energy application activities, killing the solar industry in Canada and extinguishing the motives of the populace to install any solar products. After we enter into the 21st century, energy prices begin to increase again and the global climate is deteriorating evidently. So in many countries solar products have revived and are used very popularly. This time Canada is not in step with the leading countries � lagging far behind � both in scientific research and development and actual applications. China has boomed its solar industry volume to $billion grade. Austria has popularized solar systems to 1 out of 7 homes. The US, Japan, Australia, Germany, Korea and many other countries are all leading Canada by more than 100 times in yearly application area.

Come on Canadians! Come on Ontarians! Come on Canadian Governments! We have the same weather conditions as those of the Austrians. We have more capital than the Chinese to invest in solar products. There is no excuse for us not to do well! Let�s all work together to promote solar products in Canada!