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Be Environmental While $aving
The Sun is a huge glowing star with nuclear fusion inside. Every single second the Earth is receiving 173,000Tw energy from the sun. On our Earth, wind energy, hydro-energy, tides and bio-energy all come from the Sun; even the fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal are also the preservation of primitive solar energy converted by living beings of that time. At sea level, the peak solar irradiation energy strength is 1Kw/m2. This is enough to provide energy for daily uses for everybody on the Earth. The Sun has been there for billions of years and will still be there for some other billions of years. So compared to the history and future of human beings, solar energy is deemed endless and regenerative.

Solar energy is free. Nobody is entitled to charge any fees for the use of solar energy. So far no government has levied any tax on the use of solar energy. On the contrary, almost all governments are introducing incentives to encourage the use of solar energy.

There is no pollution to use solar energy. It comes to us in the form of light and is converted into thermal energy, dynamic energy and bio-energy which are remained on the earth.

Based on the current available technology, the practical ways of using solar energy are solar thermal and solar electricity, with the first further divided into solar water heating and solar space cooling and heating

Solar Water Heater is a device that catches the photo-energy of solar radiation and converts it into thermal energy to heat water for our uses. Solar water heating is neither a new concept nor a new technology. As long as our living standard goes high, we need to consume more and more energy. The current forms of energy we fully rely on are mainly non-regenerative and exhausting, with the price roaring to impact our living standard in turn. What is more, after continuous extravagant use of fossil-fuel energy, too much pollution gases have been emitted into our atmosphere, resulting in the deterioration of our weather and the quality of our air. Considering sustainable development of our globe, we have to think of alternative energy. After over 20 years of development, solar water heating has now emerged as fully matured technology in the world. The available products vary from low-end to high-end, satisfying all plumbing codes and climate conditions. Another result of streamlined production is low price. The capital cost of a household solar water heater is now affordable by every family. The investment pay-back cycle could be as short as less than 4 years, attractive enough to anybody.

Solar water heater is an energy generator or a money tree rather than an energy consumer. It catches the resource from the sun and turns it into thermal energy for our use. A consumer pays money only one time for the capital cost. Once the equipment or system is purchased and owned, there is no further fuel cost for the thermal energy. The design life cycle of the mainstream products is longer than 25 years. So throughout the life of such a heater it can earn back several times of the capital investment.

Another high-profile aspect of solar products is the environmental contribution. One typical household solar water heater can save 1,000m3 of natural gas or equivalent amount of energy in other forms, reducing 2.2 tons green-house gases emissions.

Solar water heaters are already very popular in many other countries. They will soon become popular in Canada. For the blue sky and white clouds of our future generations, let`s use solar energy!